Who we are

Our products are made from 100% Kenyan   raw materials sourced in environmentally friendly manner.

Each of our products are carefully handcrafted & inspired by local traditions and culture.


Ground Floor, Westside Mall.

Nakuru, Kenya.

We offer countrywide delivery via G4S Courier services.

We also do worldwide deliveries.

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    On Sale

Beaded Women’s Leather Purse

$ 30.00

Charming Turtle Fridge Magnet

$ 5.00

African Essence: Wooden Africa-Shaped Scented Candle

$ 24.00

Vibrant African Enamel Cup with Wildlife Paintings

$ 10.00

Elegant Beaded Food Tongs

$ 20.00

Twilight Breeze Women’s Beaded Leather Sandals

$ 33.00

King of the Savannah Oil Painting

$ 35.00

Patriotic Beaded Bracelets

$ 4.00

Wooden Hand Carved Animal Themed Sugar Dish

$ 18.00

Fully Beaded Leather Table Mat

$ 23.00

Somebody In Kenya Loves me t-shirt

$ 10.00

Elegant Leather Handbag

$ 61.00

Ceramic Valentines Day Coffee Mug With Rose Flower

$ 16.00

Striking Kenya Flag Leather Bracelet

$ 4.00

Safari Dreams Set of 6 Animal-Painted coasters

$ 23.00

Red Printed Hanging Love You Heart Cushion Gift For Couples

$ 16.00

Women’s Beaded Leather Pouch set

$ 40.00

Safari Spirit Cotton Toiletry Bag

$ 16.00

Kenya-Shaped Fridge Magnet

$ 5.00

African Shirt Dress

$ 28.00

Stainless Steel Serving Spoons with Beaded Handles

$ 7.00

Leather beaded watch band + Watch

$ 28.00

Safari Dreams Set of 6 Animal-Painted Table Mats

$ 35.00

Beaded Timepiece

$ 42.00

Gifts for everyone

Gifts for wine lovers (13)

Gifts for sisters (87)

Gifts for mums (92)

Gifts for friends (93)

Gifts for foodies (32)

Gifts for dads (65)

Gifts for couples (40)

Gifts for brothers (67)

Gifts for book lovers (8)



ashley Mungaiashley Mungai
18:06 18 May 22
The service is exceptional and their attention to detail is unparalleled. I have used them twice to make beaded wedding gifts for both family and friends and I have never been disappointed. They go out of their way to make sure as a customer you are satisfied and they are always on time with their delivery. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for one of a kind gifts or unique pieces for their homes.
Kevin BabangidaKevin Babangida
11:01 11 Feb 22
Very reliable and were very helpful in helping me choose an appropriate bouquet and gift pairings. Top notch delivery and precise, money well spent.
09:06 04 Nov 21
High quality gifts and products for sale. The staff were friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Wanja WanjaoWanja Wanjao
10:06 18 Aug 21
I bought items from Malaika and in a day, they were delivered from Nakuru to Nairobi. The owner followed up with me every step of the way to ensure that what I ordered is what I got. Great quality too.
04:58 01 Oct 20
If you need any gift african related or any African piece they got you covered.