Empowering Kenyan artisans

Malaika Gifts & Interiors is a gift shop in Nakuru that helps to turns dreams to reality through empowering Kenyan artisans at home to bring Kenyan craftsmanship, and unique, original handcrafted products to the global market place.

We do this by showcasing and selling their products for them.

Inspired by local traditions and culture

Each of our products are carefully handcrafted inspired by local traditions and culture. We strive for perfection in quality because we want the customer to have the best possible in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and the artisans to obtain the highest value for their labors.

Our products

Our products at present are made from 100% Kenyan raw material like stone and wood sourced in environmentally friendly manner, and local fabrics such as kikoy, kanga & Maasai shukas. The products are made by traditional Kenyan craftsmen and women, and any purchase goes to directly help the under privilege in our society in taking care of their day to day needs including schooling of their children.